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  • Nicole Ashely

Valentine's Day Limited Edition Magic Band

Hey Friends!

Thanks to my Friend Aly (@disnerdaly) I was Introduced to this years Valentine's Day Magic Band. I instantly fell in love because this year its Aladdin themed! The magic band is a Limited Edition out of 2500. It features Aladdin and Jasmine on a nice teal band color the bands comes embossed in a glossy box. The band Says "Happy Valentine's Day" on one side and "A whole new world with you on the other". These bands are said to make special noises and effects when tapped against touch points.

This is the third year Walt Disney World came out with a special magic band for Valentine's Day, last year was Lady and the Tramp. They do normally sell out quickly so make sure to get your hands on them if you can, These bands are said to hold a higher value for collectors!

Happy Shopping!

-Nicole Ashley



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