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  • Nicole Ashely

My Adventure Gear

Hello Friends!

Most of you know last year I launched my shop My Adventure Gear. It wasn't easy but I learned that nothing worth having comes easy. This year I plan on expanding my shop and offering more products!

I will be continuing to make the No Bend Wire Ears, but I plan on bringing back some of my hand painted creations.

My Adventure Gears shop focus is creating the perfect products weather it be for the parks or you everyday lifestyle! This includes, ears, shoes, bags etc. You'll start to see the expansion of my shop throughout the new year. To kick things off I will be hosting a Brand Rep search at the end of January! I will be looking for 1 -2 new members to help promote my products. If this is something you might be interested in please stay tuned for the official announcement.

Let me know what you wish and hope to see from my shop this year!

Make sure your following @MyAdventureGear__

on Instagram and checking back to my blog for all the updates!

Lots of love & pixie dust,

Nicole Ashley


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