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Fall In Love...With These Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Hey Everyone!

With Valentines Day is just around the corner, Our loved ones may need a little help with gift giving... as they normally do. Here are my Top Valentines Day presents for 2018 from the Shop Disney Parks.

First up are the Alex and Ani Disney Inspired Bracelets. I've picked out my three personal favorites for the occasion but the Shop Disney App has plenty more. You can never go wrong with a Disney Alex and Ani Bracelet there all so dang cute! 

Next up these Minnie and Mickey Sweetheart Mugs. I know a lot of you collect Disney mugs, so why not add these to your collection?!  The cut out heart and the message inside the cups, definitely says I Love you. 

If your a pin collector this Minnie and Mickey Pin Set is super cute! I love the style Minnie and Mickey are drawn on the Valentine's Day merch. The love letters melt my heart! They also have a ton of other pins like Carl and Ellie, Lady and Tramp. 

 A Pandora Charm is a girls best friend and as we know Disney makes a ton of them. Every time your loved one will look at their pandora bracelet, they'll think of how special you made this Valentine's Day for them! 

Finally, Instead of the cliché teddy bear go with a Disney Plush! A friend to squeeze at night is always a classic gift on Valentine's Day. They have so many cute themed plushes like this Be My Valentine Minnie. Also, if your wondering why I chose to put a Porg as a Valentine's Day Plush....its because who doesn't want a Porg for Valentine's Day?! If my boyfriend happens to be reading this you know what to do. 

This is just the beginning of the infinite gift ideas you can find on Shop Disney. If your Lucky enough to spend your Valentine's Day in Disneyland or Disney World you can surprised your loved one with a Disney Floral arrangement! I got one on my 21st birthday and it absolutely took my breath away, They were the most beautiful flowers Ive ever seen and it was so unexpected that it made them ten times better! 

A few other fun ideas you should check out is the new Millenial Pink Magic Band, Danielle Nicole’s Newest Bag Collection and the newest Dooney and Bourke’s! 

All of the links to the products are in the descriptions highlighted in the color pink, just click on the name and it will bring you to the page! 

Let me know what you thought of these gift ideas. Send this link to a loved one to give them some Valentine's Day ideas on what to get ya, it couldn't hurt!

Love & Pixie Dust, 

Nicole Ashley 

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