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  • Nicole Ashley

Peter Pan Birthday Celebration!

Its going to be Peter Pan's 65th anniversary and Walt Disney World is ready to celebrate with some magical photo opportunities! 

Peter Pan debuted February 5th, 1953  and has been spreading pixie dust ever since!  Disney decided to spread even more pixie dust then usual to show some love to one of our favorite Disney classics. Disney announced 2 new magic shot opportunities and a fun character meet and greet for the celebration. Keep reading to see what they are! 

From February 4 – 10

Captain Hook and his sidekick Mr. Smee will be meeting guests in Fantasyland intermittently from 9:00 AM – 6:15 PM. They have not shared the exact location but I would assume this will be by  Peter Pan's Flight or by the Fantasy Land Walls.  I have to say this would be on the top of my to- do list, there character meet and greet is always so much fun! 

Next join the magic with some special limited time magic shots from the PhotoPass Team. They are offering Peter Pan's shadow right next to where the Mr. Smee and Captain Hook meet and greet are. Love Tink? Visit the photographer on the bridge next to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments or make a stop on Main Street U.S.A. to take a picture with your own pixie wings!  And of course they are still offering our favorite magic shot Miss TinkerBell herself. 

But seriously guys how cool is the Peter Pan Shadow! Its my new favorite shot hands down! 

Finally, In front of Cinderella Castle, visit a photographer by the Partners Statue to take a picture with this fun “Take me to Never Land!” prop. We sure do love a good sign!

To get any of these magic shots make sure your visit the locations I named when it comes to these specialty magic shots Photopass is very particular about where they do it. You can walk up to a photographer and ask them to 'make some magic' for you. I use to be a Photopass Photographer and this was always so much fun to do for guests! 

If you'd like to purchase the photos you can buy Memory Maker or purchase photos individually. Please don't screenshot and post your photos with the Photopass water mark all over them. That has to be my biggest pet peeve! 

Tag me in your pictures I cant wait to see these magic shots in action! 

All photos curtsey of Disney. 

Keep spreading that Pixie Dust! 

- Nicole Ashley 


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