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DIY Castle Photo Wall

Hey Friends!

So normally when I film for my Instagram page I either have my ear wall or my castle photo wall behind me and I get A LOT of questions asking me how I made it or if I can do a tutorial on how to make one. Well today is the day, this blog will include step by step instructions on how to make your very own Castle Photo Wall! YAY!

Incase you haven't seen my Castle Photo Wall here is what it looks like!

So lets get you started on the road to your own Castle Photo Wall !


If you'd like to make your castle as big as the one I have on my wall, Mine is about 5 1/2 Feet! Here is a list of all the materials you will need..

1. 57 photos in total!

23 need to be printed 4x6 Horizontally

33 need to be printed 4x6 Vertically

1 needs to be printed Size 8 x 10 Horizontally

Optional: Polaroid Shots to fill spaces

2.You will need some glitter foam sheets

(Black, White, And a color of your choosing I picked Blue)

3. Double sided tape or Tack

4. A pair of scissors

Step By Step Instruction:

1. Uploading and printing all of your pictures.

First step is uploading all of your pictures to a photo website. I like to use Walgreens or CVS. I logged on to my Walgreens Photo account and uploaded a ton of my favorite Disney pictures. It was so easy because on their site your able to access all of your social media accounts and choose pictures from there. Its quick fast and painless. The only part that may be difficult is narrowing down your favorite pictures! I would upload more than 57 just so you can see them all in one place and weigh your options.

2. Picking out the pictures to Print!

Once I got them all uploaded I went through and selected all of my Horizontal shots first (Remember you need 23 of them) Once I had them selected I put them inside my cart and made surer they all were marked as 4 x 6. Check the Cart number of photos you have make sure it says 23. Next I went through all of my uploaded photos again and this time picked out all of my Vertical shots ( You need 33 of these!). Then again I went to my cart and checked to make sure they were all 4x6's and now the number of photos in your cart should be 56. The reason I check my photos and do it in order is because you start to forget what you put in your cart and sometimes if the photo isn't a CVS or Walgreens standard they change the size to better print the picture, and you don't want that! If your worried this will happen to some of your pictures just look for the yellow triangle with the exclamation point inside.

Finally you need one picture to print in the size 8 x 10. I always pick my all time favorite picture for this!

Now you should have 57 photos total!

Its okay if you want to go back now and print a few extra!

3. Mapping out your Castle

So this took me a SUPER long time but your in luck because I have created a layout for you to use while mapping out your castle. This picture lays out exactly how you should put up your photos to create the shape of a castle. I like to lay out the pictures on the floor first and then put them up as I go along.

4. Putting up your Castle Photo Wall

So before I started this project I wiped down my wall with a lysol wipe, just so I had a clean surface. I did this before I mapped out my castle so by the time I was ready to hang the pictures the wall way nice and dry! For my photos I hung them up on the wall using scotch double sided tape. As I picked my pictures up off the floor I put at least two strips the size of the pictures onto the photo.

5. Finishing touches

Lastly, I like to give it more of a castle feel. This is where the foam sheets come into play. The white and black foam sheets are used to create a flag. I like to stencil a flag in white and then cut a rectangle out with the black. As for the third color of your choosing I like to create the castle toppers. I normally make an arched triangle shape. The great thing about using the glitter foam sheets is that they have adhesive on the other side, so they will stick right to your wall! If you didn't go with glitter foam sheets you can use the regular foam and double sided tape to hang them up.

Thats it your all done!

Your castle should be looking as spectacular as ever!

Please share your own castle photo wall DIY's with me. I cant wait to see how they come out! You can tag me in your pictures @myadventurebook__ !

If you still have any questions or need help putting up your castle photo wall feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram.


Instagram: Myadventurebook__

Hope you enjoyed!

Faith & Pixie Dust

Nicole Ashley



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