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  • Nicole Ashely

Happy Earth Day

Hello everyone and Happy Earth Day 2018 !

This years Earth Day, do your part for the planet by learning something new about the environment and how we can work to protect it! I've researched and found some brands that use up-cycled materials to make clothes and accessories. Read along to stay informed and start making some positive changes for our environment today!

While reading you can click on any of the shop names to be directed to the website so you can learn more and shop their products!

Harvey's came up with the idea when working on restoring their car. Harvey's uses up cycled seat belts to make these designer bags! They come in a variety of options and are the first step in reusing and recycling waste!

This Brooklyn based company makes all of their clothes with 100% organic cotton and works with products made in the USA. They also have a large line clothes for of babies and children.

Stormie Dreams strives "to always do more in our part in reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring sustainable responsibility" by using "rescued" fabrics found in Los Angeles and bringing them to life.​

Reformation 2018 Earth Day Campaign states "the current fashion system operates on a take-make-dispose process – about 90% of clothing is thrown away long before the end of its useful life" Hearing that alone is so unbelievable! Reformation circularity eliminates waste and reuses and recycles materials, brining them new life!

This year they plan to recycle 75,000 pieces of clothing! How amazing is that!?

Insecta Shoes creates their shoes by transforming used clothing and recycled plastic bottles. They also search to find a wide array of fabrics and prints from abandoned pieces. These fabrics get made into boots, oxfords, sandals, and slippers and they do this all without the use of animal based products!

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Hope you guys loved and learned from these amazing brands! Take a step in the right direction this Earth Day 2018! Remember even though Earth Day is only one day a year we need to be making positive changes to our world everyday!

If there are any eco friendly brands that you love please share them with me!

Faith, love and Pixie Dust,

Nicole Ashley


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