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Meet The MakerEars 2nd Edition

Welcome !

This is my second edition of Meet the MakEars and I'm very excited to share some more wonderful shops! If this is your second time here welcome back and if your a new reader welcome! Meet the MakEars is a blog dedicated to the Small Shop and the creative people behind them! This edition will feature: Best Day Ever Ear Co, Kim's Custom Crafts and Ears by Eden! Hope you enjoy!

Lindsey's Story:

Lindsey is from Houston, Texas and she has been visiting Disney since she was about 7. In 2017 for the first time ever she became an annual passholder and she is absolutely loving it! Lindsey haas a bachelors in Sports Marketing and a Masters in Sports Management but is currently Debating becoming an art teacher while working full-time for the City of Houston. She truly believes you should Never grow up, She is still a kid at heart just trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up and is constantly looking forward to her next vacation whether it be to the parks or somewhere else!

About Best Day Ever Ear Co:

Lindsey had a trip planned to Disneyland in October 2017 with my family and was trying to outfit plan. She had bought the best Jungle Book shirt but she couldn't find any ears that she liked. So she thought, "I'll just find some fabric and make it myself, how hard could it be?" She made a pair with some spare fabric to see if she even knew what she was doing and showed my mom for her advice. She actually encouraged her to open up my shop.About a week later, Hurricane Harvey hit and the city was shut down for a week. They spent every single day trapped in the house working on perfecting the shape, making bows, sewing, and creating inventory. The shop opened at the end of that week and the rest is history! Funny though, she JUST found the perfect Jungle Book fabric! Lindsey makes the most creative hand sewn ears! You'll have to check out her page for all her creations!

A Note from Lindsay:

"I am honestly blown away daily by the love and support I receive through the reviews in my shop, messages on Etsy, and followers on Instagram. I never would have imagined that my business would grow into what it has become and I couldn't be more thankful for each and every one of my customers/Followers! One good review of how I made someones Disney trip memorable makes any day turn into a great one! This opportunity has also brought me to meet some amazing new friends! Thank you to everyone for the continuous support!"

You can buy Ears from Lindsey, Check out her Instagram for all details!

Kim's Story:

Kim says she has always been a super crafty person who enjoys finding different outlets for her creativity. She had scrapbooking phases, painting, sculpting, etc. On her 20th birthday, her friend bought her a little dreamcatcher keychains from a Native American store. Unfortunately, the same night she received the gift, it broke because it wasn't made well.

Kim took it upon herself to fix it at home with any random materials she could find. From there, she started making more and more because she really enjoyed the way they came out! Soon people started noticing her dreamcatchers, they asked if she sold them and alas Kim's small shop was born! Kim is constantly looking for new ways to make her items original and unique, as well as draw inspiration from Disney which she has always loved. Kim says she is very lucky and blessed to have the support of my friends, family, and strangers all over the world that allows her to run her business full-time.

About Kims Customs Crafts:

Kim says running her own small shop full-time is the most thrilling, exhausting, stressful, and wonderful experience. She gets the chance to make products with her own two hands, putting her personal touches on every piece. It’s crazy to think about! At first, She was doing it to support herself financially through school. But then, after a few years, she realized it was her true passion and decided to pursue it head-on! Kim wishes she had all the time in the world to make everything she wants! She creates dream catchers in a variety of sizes, dream catcher ears, jewelry, painted shoes, decorated grad caps, and so much more! I’m trying to focus all my efforts on making custom dreamcatchers since that’s what kind of sets me apart in the crafting community. Kim's dream catcher ears are one of the many products that have come from her dream catcher inspiration. Her ears are truly unique and set her apart from other small shops. On her website you can personalize them from the bow color to the bead color!

A message from Kim

"I have no words to express the gratitude that I feel towards my customers and followers on social media. The fact that people take the time out of their busy day to show love on my posts and refer friends to my page, let alone spend their hard-earned money on my shop is mind-blowing to me! Their support is what allows me to live my life to the fullest and follow my dream. All I can say to to my customers is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I will continue to create magic as long as the good Lord allows me to!"

You can learn more about Kim's Custom Crafts right here!

Click the link for her Website or Instagram!

Eden's Story:

Eden married her high school sweetheart and they have been together for 10 years! Married for 3 of those amazing years! She has a beautiful daughter named Gia and she will be 2 in June! They took her to her on her first trip to Disney in September and it was amazing! Eden is a vegetarian and a huge animal lover She has 8 cats and rescued every one of them!

Eden has always been crafty and loves to make things .She made her first pair of ears on April 2nd 2017 and was so excited with how they came out! She had no idea that , that was only the first chapter in her story. She decided that she wanted to go a different route and put a twist on the typical mouse ears! She decided to create these really big and puffy bows! That became Eden's signature!

About Ears by Eden

Eden has dreamed since she was little to have my own shop my dad even bought me a real cash register when I was 8 cause I was so set on having my own shop. My parents bringing me to Disney almost every year gave me inspiration and of course above all my daughter inspired me to start my own shop I wanted something where I can be home with her and work and also something she might like to do when shes bigger! Eden makes handmade mouse ears mostly sequin a lot of people tell me how fluffy and comfortable they are so that makes me so happy to hear!

Eden's inspiration is her daughter above all! She wants to prove to her you can do anything your want and be successful if you love it! From her father, mother and of course her husband Eden is extremely lucky to have so many people who push her to pursue her dreams!

A message from Eden

"I have the most amazing customers! They truly love my ears, they are always coming back to get more, they take the best pictures and send them to me. I can’t thank them enough for their support and always cheering me on it means the world to me when someone opens up a pair of my ears and they send me a video or message me how much they love them it makes what I do so meaningful!

Thank you all again for taking the time to read my blog and learn about these people who inspire creativity every day! You can click on any of the shops name and find their shops or Instagram's! Know an awesome ear shop? Click on my contact page and send me a recommendation, Im always on the look out to help spotlight any creative talent!


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