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  • Nicole Ashley

Life Could Be A Dream

It has been such a long time since I have written a blog post! Gosh! I promise not to take this long of a break ever again, but its so good to be back!

If your up to date with my Instagram posts then you've probably noticed my adventure to Dream Machine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I originally wasn't planning on writing a blog post about it but I have gotten so many messages about the place and my pictures I figured I'd share all the info for my New York area Disney peeps!

So what is Dream Machine?!?

Dream Machine is a pop up sleep-themed, interactive playground in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dream Machine allows you to have a one-hour break from reality as you explore a space inspired by our sleep cycle and the wild and wonderful dreams that spring from it.

You get to "sleep walk" through nine imaginative rooms that allow you to go beyond your wildest dreams. This place is an Instagramer's Paradise. The nine rooms give you so much creative activity! There's a swimming pool ball pit, Rainbow Hall, Cloud 9 and infinity room just to name a few.

My favorite had to be the Laundry 'Spin Cycle' Room. I may have been partial to the cotton candy they were serving in the room! This neon light room was straight out of the early 90's leaving so much room for imagination. From the checkerboard floor to the moveable hampers there were so many fun creative photos to be taken. Also if you go be sure to ask for the secret infinity room, I wont tell you where it is hidden but be sure to find it!

I wanted my outfit for Dream Machine to be fun and playful so I choose to go with my " I Sleep to Keep Dreaming" top from Zara. Mickey Mouse printed jeans from H&M and a pair of red Ked's to go with my Red lips. I like to keep a little bit of Disney in all my outfits and apparently Dream Machine felt the same way. They had a little Minnie Mouse sculpture in a room and it made my day 10x better!

You can shop My outfit here:

Top: Zara

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Ked's

Jewelry: Alex and Ani

If you plan on going I would suggest getting an early reservation, All tickets must be purchased in advance online! They are $38 a ticket, but they do offer weekday deals. They do not accept walk ins! Since I took an early morning slot it was EMPTY which was perfect for my Instagram pics! I had such a blast, I have to thank my boyfriend for buying the tickets and being my personal photographer while we were in there. He seriously is amazing.. ladies get yourself a man like him (:


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