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Pack Like A Princess

So it’s the week before your trip to Disney and if your like me you’ve been packing and planning outfits for months! You want to make sure you have everything for your trip and you re-pack your bags countless amounts of times. You try to find ways to squeeze in your favorite Disney accessories and it begins to get so overwhelming!

I travel to the Disney parks A LOT! I travel to Florida about five times a year, then throw in trips to the Shore, Cali and so many other places.... I guess you can say I'm always on the move. As soon as I know my vacation days; my trips are booked and I'm ready to soar!

So if you'd like to hear about how I pack for my Disney World trips, keep on reading! I like to think I am a pro packer by now. I efficiently fit everything I need and more into a carry on and personal bag!

My Carry On

Packing your travel bag can make or break your trip. You want to look cute but be comfortable and have access to the things you need. But you also don’t want to lug around your entire life and valuables. That’s why you need to pack and think like a travel blogger! In my carry on I have all my outfits packed tightly and neatly. I army roll most of my clothes and that saves a ton of space! I put my sandals and shoes in my bag but I make sure to wear whichever shoes would take up the most room.

It's important to be comfy on the plane I normally like to wear leggings and a big shirt or hoodie. Earlier I stated that I like to run from the plane to the car and go straight for the parks, I always keep my outfit for the day right at the top of my carry on for easy access and a quick change!

Going back to my outfits for a second. My outfits are all planned in advance! So the night before I pack my carry on I like to lay out my outfits and snap so pics of them and in them so I know what to wear or at least have an idea of what I'm wearing each day. You may see some fashion bloggers do this or even some celebrities. I definitely took a page from Kim K. Her stylist does this all the time for her! It definitely helps!! This is important to me because as a blogger I try to always create fun content and a big part is my park style. By planning ahead of time I save so much time in the morning of my trips and know exactly what I need!

When it comes to my mouse ears, I like to handle them with care so my absolute favorite pair I take with me in my personal bag the others are in my overhead carry on stuffed in between clothes for protection. This works really well all the time!

Why Just a Carry On?

When I go on these trips I like to only pack a carry on and a personal item. There is a few reasons for this. My first reason is, I don't like to check a bag. This is simply because I have a fear of them loosing my bag. I know this is crazy to think and your all probably reading this saying Nicole come'on what are the chances? But my fear of loosing all my belongings is real!! I cant imagine how to vacation with no clothes and mouse ears! Can you?!?

Another is, since I go so often I tend to go in short burst. My trips normally range for 3-5 days. If your trying to do all your favorite Disney offerings in 3-5 days yall know that their is no time to waste! So waiting for my checked bag to come off the carousel is just waisted time. I like to have my bags on me and head straight for the car. Clearly this isn realistic to everyone especially if your traveling with a family or for a longer period of time, But always use your best judgment. If you can get away with just a carry on then do it!

Lastly, I fly jet blue and your carry on is always free, so why not save a couple of extra bucks in the process.. thats at least another three Mickey premium bars!

My Personal Bag

My personal bag is most important. In my personal bag I carry everything that I'm going to need for the day and my valuables! For my personal bag I normally use a book bag or a tote bag! This trip Im using my LeSportsac Disney bag. This bag also came with a cosmetic bag and a extra zip bag. This matching is so adorable and most importantly it fits everything I need!

Heres a list of what I have in my personal bag:

-Makeup Bag/ Deodorant / Hair brush/ Medicine

(All travel size)

-Nikon DSLR Camera /Go Pro


(Which is very tiny, its almost like a coin purse with my cards and i.d)

-A small box with my jewelry in it (I tie a hair scrunchies around)

-A tiny sketch pad and pencil or pen

(I'm an art major so I like to keep something on me to doodle on)

- Mouse Ears

(My favorite or most delicate pair)

- Magic Band

(I normally hook these to the straps of my bag!)

- Fuel Rod/ Iphone Charger

I now encourage you to #PackLikeAPrincess when your getting ready for your next trip! Its always fun to go to Disney so packing should be fun too! So have fun, keep it stress free and enjoy your trip!

I hope these tips help you the next time you pack for Disney or any vacation! If you have more tips Id love to hear them, feel free to share them!

Use the #PackLikeAPrincess and show me how you pack!

Shop my personal book bag here!

Well now I'm off to Cali! Make sure to follow me on my adventures! @myadventurebook__

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Ashley



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