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Meet the MakEars 3rd Edition

Welcome !

This is my third edition of Meet the MakEars and I'm very excited to share some more amazing and creative shops! If this is your third time here welcome back and if your a new reader welcome!

Meet the MakEars is a blog dedicated to the Small Shop and the creative people behind them!

This edition will feature: Bibbidi Bobbidi Loot and Mouseketears Boutique

Hope you enjoy!

1. Bibbidi Bobbidi Loot

Sarah's Story: Disney has always played a huge part in Sarah's life growing up. Her family would always take her on Disney World Vacations and soon she moved to LA where she would go to Disneyland on the weekends with her best friends! Just last year her and her husband got married at Disney world and the magic has never stopped. Disney has always been such an influential part of her life and constantly reminds her to keep dreaming!

About Bibbidi Bobbidi Loot :

Sarah started making Minnie Ears when she was planning her wedding at Disney World. They were doing a Star Wars themed rehearsal dinner and they wanted to dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia. She knew she needed the perfect accessories and decided to make MinnieEars that looked like Princess Leia buns. From their an idea sparked. She started thinking about how cool it would look if the Ears looked like hair swirled into the classic Mouse Ear shape. When she opened shop she only had three designs and it grew from there! Sarah always finds creative ways to make ears that are outside of the box. She wanted to make sure she has a product that no one else already had, and she sure did that! She wants her Ears to showcase the unique and inspirational, for those dreamers who love something a little different and imaginative!

A message from Sarah :

"In the short time I’ve been making Ears I’ve made so many special friends along the way! It brings me so much happiness knowing I’ve created a little magic for customers and friends! Thank you forgiving me the opportunity to wow you and thank you for all your love and support"

If you'd like to purchase from Bibbidi Bobbidi Loot check out her here!

2.MouseketEars Bowtique

Sabrina and Savannah's Story:

Sabrina and Savannah are a a pair of mouse loving sisters who run the shop! They both currently in college studying Business Marketing and Nursing! Disney has always been a huge part of their lives and like most Disney fans they are OBSESSED! If their not watching a Disney movie, they are driving their family and friends crazy with Disney music!

About MouseketEars Bowtique:

Their shop was just an idea after seeing handmade ears at the parks and thought, “we can do that!” It was not an easy start to their shop, Sabrina and Savannah would find time between their busy work and school schedules to get things done. Last year they really kicked it up a notch with their shop and re-modeled their Instagram and Shop and boy did it pay off! There shop has been doing so well, I think its because of the designs they produce. They both strive to create unique mouse ear looks that are handcrafted and hand painted. They truly have a passion for making mouse ears that are stylish and affordable. Buying their ears are sure to make you stand out on any Disney Vacation!

A Message From Sabrina and Savannah: "We are so amazed and humbled with all the love we have received throughout this journey and we could not be more grateful for everyone who has supported MB mouse ears! Thank you so much! ️"

If you'd like to make a purchase from Mouseketears Bowtique check them out here:

Thanks for reading and following along on the Meet the MakEars Blog Series. If your an ear shop or know a creative ears shop that would like to be featured please message me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

My Instagram: @MyAdventurebook__



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