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Disney's Halloween Ears

So its only 66 days until October and 96 Days until Halloween! Are you ready? Well if your not, Disney has you covered with the new fun line of Halloween ears they are launching!

If you didn't know Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year, and the fact that Disney launched almost ten new designs to celebrate is amazing! Gosh, Disney are you trying to make me broke?!?!

Here are some shots of all the ears coming to the parks:

The Haunted Mansion Ears

The Nightmare Before Christmas Ears

CoCo Inspired Ears

Halloween Theme

My personal favorites are the Haunted Mansion Themed Ears and the Candy Corn Ears!

Some have been spotted in stores like Momento Mori, but they sold out quickly. I have not seen a release date on the ears but I promise to keep you updated!

Which ones will you be picking up this holiday season!?!


Nicole Ashley!

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