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Meet the MakEars 4th Edition

Welcome !

This is my fourth edition of Meet the MakEars. If your new to this blog Meet The MakEars is a blog that is meant to showcase the most creative and unique shops! This blog has become something so special because not only does it show off the coolest mouse ears, but it gives you insight to the people behind them. So lets jump right into it!

This edition will feature: Dolphinitely Designs & Mouse Cut Ears

Hope you enjoy!

1. Dolphinitely Designs

Ashley's Story: Ashley grew up in Texas. Her parents saved for a long time before they got to take their first trip to Disney. because of this, Disney became a special place, enjoying every moment spent there. Ashley had no idea that Disney would one day lead her down this road. Ashley now lives and gets to play in the Orlando theme parks on a daily basis! Since Ashley began going to the parks frequently she knew she wanted unique ears for the trips! She started making fabric ears, but she soon fell in love with new technology which showed her endless ear possibilities.

About Dolphinitely Designs :

Ashley is a one woman shop and puts in a lot of work to make fun and creative designs. Dolphinitely Designs specializes in 3D printed ears. There are many 3d Ears shops and Ashley strives to come up with original ideas. She wants people to spot her creations and make a name for herself in the Disney Community! Ashley's ears are interchangeable, making them easy for packing and fun for the parks. You can switch ears as you please! On her Etsy you can find a ton of fun designs, anything from her signature Lily Pulitzer Flamingos to glow in the dark designs. She will take custom orders when she can. So take a minute to check out her Instagram and Etsy!

A message from Ashley:

"I am a one woman shop. When I make an ear sell, a majority of the money goes right back into expanding and making the shop better for all of you. I make ears because it’s something I enjoy doing and I personally love to accessorize at the parks. I’m glad that I can share my ideas and creations with others! I just want to give a big thank you to anyone who supports my shop in some way or form!"

If you'd like to purchase from Dolphinitely Designs Check Her Out Here!

2.Mouse Cut Ears

Steven and Erins Story:

Steven and Erin are currently college students who have been dating for seven years! They met in the 9th grade! Erin growing up traveled to the Disney Parks about once a year. Steven always grew up watching Disney movies, but honestly didn't think much about it. Over the course of their relationship their love for each other and Disney grew! They recently got annual passes and embarked on their small shop journey.

About Mouse Cut Ears:

Steven is currently in school to be a mechanical engineer. This means that Steven gets to play with new gadgets all the time, things like laser cutters and 3D printers. One day while he was in the lab, cutting wood for a final project they had joked about how awesome it'd be to make some wooden ears for Erin... and that sparked their business. Their shop creates wood cut ears that are insanely unique! They have a bunch of fun designs that cover everything from Disney Characters, Parks and Holidays.

A Message From Erin and Steven:

"I seriously cannot thank our followers enough! Not only because they've helped support us and have helped us grow, but also because I've actually made some very real friends through this whole thing! It's crazy to think about. I never actually thought people would like our ears, honestly, and I'm still blown away every time someone comments on how much they like them. So thank you guys so much!!!"

If you'd like to make a purchase from Mouse Cut Ears

Check them out here:

Instagram: Mouse Cut Ears

Thank you once again for reading and following along on the Meet the MakEars Blog Series. Please go support your favorite small shops! If you own an ear shop or know a shop that makes creative ears that would like to be featured please message me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

My Instagram: @MyAdventurebook__



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