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Just A Girl And Her Ears

Hello Dreamers!

Welcome back to another one of my blogs! Today I will finally be tackling something you have all asked me to do for a long time. My mouse ear wall. I wanted to say thank you for the amazing response on my Instagram stories and for all the kind comments! I wanted to make sure I answered the top three most asked questions in this blog for you!

Yesterday after receiving a pair of ears I purchased from Tokyo Disney Sea I realized I had run out of room on my walls. Which inspired me to rearrange the whole room and move all the ears to the biggest wall possible....I know I could of saved myself a ton of time by doing this in the first place but over the last couple of years my mouse ear collection has grown quite a bit.

As most of you know Disney has always been a huge part of my life. I travel to the parks frequently and I'm always on the look out for new ears to bring with me. I was always told "A Disney outfit is never complete without ears". I believe strongly in this which is one of the reasons my ear wall keeps growing!

Many of you asked how do I display my ears on my wall. After trying many different methods (push-pins, command hooks, frames,ear holders etc.) I've realized that push pins are what work best for me. My trick to using the push pin's is to angle the push pin upwards so it doesn't sit flat. I've noticed when it sits flat they tend to fall off the wall. When I hang my No Bend Wire ears I use two push pins so they are extra sturdy. I put one push pin through each ear hoop! This is even more secure! So if you have a lot of floral wire ears, push pins will be your best friend.

Here are some reasons why the other options didn't work for me. The frames I really loved but when you have as many ears as I do that tends to get expensive. The ear holders are super adorable as well (you can find them on etsy) but I enjoy looking at my ears displayed face out. They just make me so happy. With the ear holders they do hold a lot but they are all scrunched up and hard to see.

Another question I frequently receive is where do the ears on my wall come from? My ears come from a number of places. The Disney Parks, Small Shop's and My Own Creations. The Disney Small shop community is so amazing and they create wonderful pieces of art! On my Blog Meet The MakEars you can read about the most unique ears small shops have to offer! They even inspired me to create my own small shop and my own ears. I sell ears here on .The Disney Park ears have always been the OG ears. I even have my first pair from Disneyland when I was just a baby. I have to say those ears came a long long way! I really enjoy collecting ears from all over the Disney Parks. I find ears on Ebay, PoshMark or use Disney personal shoppers that I find on Facebook and Instagram.

Here is a list of small shops that I own ears from and truly believe that they make the BEST quality ears money can buy. I hate to say this but they make better ears than the parks do! I would recommend them to everyone!

Small Shop Ears that I LOVE:

- Dazzling Fantasy Ears (Sequin Hand Stitched Ears)

- My Adventure Gear (No bend Wire Ears & Diamond Ears )

- Magic Shoppe Ears (3d Printed Ears )

- Fairest Of Them All Boutique (Fun Fabrics Mouse Ears )

- Unique Ears by Ili (Character Ears hand stitched )

**Now there are a ton more of amazing shops, but If I don't own a pair of there ears then I cant vouch for their quality! So please explore all of them and I encourage you to find your favorites! **

To wrap this up I just wanted to say find a hobby you love and explore it to its fullest! My mouse ear collection makes me so happy and every time I look at my wall I cant help but smile. The ears remind me of so many memories and friendships they are truly special. If you have any more questions for me please don't hesitate to ask. You can email me or send me a message on any of m social media sites.

I hope this blog inspired you and I hope to see your ear wall collection!

Have a very magical week!

Nicole Ashley


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