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Its Not So Scary !

This year we we came we saw and we conquered Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party!

I was so excited to be back at my happy place exploring the Kingdom with all its new fun spooky offerings. I have to say we weren't disappointed!

Here are some fun details about the night along with more tips and tricks on how to navigate this awesome event!

Our Costumes

This year for Mickey's Not So Scary we decided to dress up as the Little Green Aliens from Toy Story, and behind every green alien is a Claw that picked them. Yes, we had our very own claw! Now I cant take credit for this idea, my boyfriend was the one who came up with this spur of the moment costume idea and I think he nailed it! I've never gotten so many compliments on a costume before! So shoutout to you Thomas...(see I do you give credit) What I will take credit for is creating the looks and pieces for our costume! I made Thomas's claw out of cardboard, tin foil and rope and he found this fun shirt on amazon. For the Green Alien costumes we got some tutus and crop tops and purchased some Little Green Alien Headbands from the Shop Disney App! I made the Pizza Planet logo out of glitter foam pieces. As for our makeup we used lots of glitter and green and purple eyeshadows to tie in all the colors that you would see on the Little Green Aliens.

The Party

The party was so much fun we spent the first half of our night running around and meeting all of our favorite characters! If you read my Tips and Tricks Blog for Mickey's Not So Scary then you would know I have a method to my madness. Meeting characters is my favorite thing to do, especially during the parties because there all dressed so cute! Its nearly impossible to meet all your favorites but somehow every year we seem to get it done! Not to mention this year we went on Columbus Day weekend and it was packed! If you'd like to read more about my method and theory I'd check out that blog.

I should mention incase you missed it, Mickey's Not So Scary is a special ticket event. This means you have to pay for an extra ticket. Prices range depending on the date you attend. You are allowed access into the park at 4 p.m if you have a ticket to the event. If you take advantage and come to the party early, you can see some of your favorite characters even before the party starts like Elvis Stitch and Jack & Sally! Coming early also comes along with the benefit of avoiding large crowds, getting your wristband at ease and hitting some treat trails early!

The Parade, Fireworks


Hocus Pocus Show

We caught the late parade and the last Hocus Pocus show and it was so nice because the guest with little ones have started to clear out! We had no problem grabbing a spot for the parade without having to go too early and wait for a spot. We also grabbed a spot close to the castle so we could walk right over and have great spots for Hocus Pocus as well. The parade and the show never fail to amaze me! As soon as I hear that music start a smile instantly appears. Also, I had so much fun because we had amazing seats during the parade, so many characters came over and made the parade more personal and unique. I highly suggest sitting as close to the rope or curb as possible. Make time if you need to secure that special seat!

The fireworks we watched from Fantasy Land. I've seen them so many times that I don't feel like I need to be in front of the castle to enjoy them. Since the parks plays the music throughout the kingdom you can still have a great view of the fireworks from Fantasy Land. This year we hung out back there and got more character interactions done in the process. Plus these fireworks are 360 degrees so no matter where you are the view is spectacular!

Trick or Treat Trails

The trick or treat trails were epic this year! I don't think Ive ever scored so much candy. My favorite trail they had this year was inside Monsters Inc Laugh floor! It was a two for one candy trail and I got to be so close to the Laugh Floor stage to take some pretty cool pictures inside. Just incase your child has allergies they do offer allergy friendly candy and cute craft options for you or your kids! Just ask for an allergy token during the trick or treat trails and then redeem those tokens at the end of the night. The redemption place is in Liberty Square right next to Sleepy Hallow!

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I hope you enjoyed my take on Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party this event is one of my FAVORITES that Disney puts on every year and I couldn't imagine missing it! For more tips and tricks make sure to check out my other blog that covers everything you need to know to make your party a success! Links are all provided for tickets and costume pieces!

Here are a few more pictures from the party! Thanks for following along with me!

Get your tickets to MNSSHP Here:

Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party

Stay Spooky!

Nicole Ashley

Instagram: @myadventurebook__

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