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Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land

After months of waiting I was finally able to see Toy Story Land! I swear I have been waiting for this moment my whole life, I was seriously planning a trip to Hong Kong just to see my favorite toys. Thankfully Disney saved me some money (for once😂) and brought Toy Story Land to me! I have to say they did not disappoint!

This land was to infinity and beyond my expectations! It was everything I wanted and more. So I wanted to take the time and talk about my experience and how to get the most out of your Toy Story Land visit!

During this trip Toy Story Land was my top priority! I knew I wanted to experience it all in the short time I had. Being a teacher I was forced to book my vacation during Columbus Day weekend and of course everyone wanted to be in Disney that weekend too, it was packed! So I had to be strategic about my Toy Story Land visit.

Let me start with the basics..Toy Story Land is located in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World in Florida. It opened last summer so it is still a hot commodity!

Remember when Woody yells at Buzz "YOU ARE A TOY!!"? Well that actually comes true here! Walt Disney Imagineers made it so you can shrink down to toy size to explore Andy's backyard and see all of your favorite Toys! You might ask how did we conquer Toy Story Land on a holiday weekend with big crowds?...Keep reading to find out!

We decided to take advantage of Hollywood Studios EMH (Extra Magic Hour). EMH is available for Disney Resort Guest (you must be staying on property to enter the park). This extra hour was in the morning before the park opened so you better believe I was up at 6:00 a.m and got myself on a bus by 7:00! Yes the commitment is real, I told y’all I wasn’t playing when it came to Toy Story Land! I knew if I didn’t go early the lines would get insane. We got to the park by 7:45 and they had already started letting people in. Which I was actually shocked about. Toy Story Land was already in full swing and Slinky Dog Dash’s line was starting to build. At the time I wish that I knew they opened even earlier than the EMH allowed, I expected to wait at the gate till 8:00 am (when they opened) but I’m assuming they were just prepping to stand the crowds.

Slinky Dog Dash

We went straight to Slinky Dog Dash’s line and we only waited for about a half hour. I didn’t mind waiting on Slinky’s line, it was fun and interesting to look at, I loved being toy size and playing in Andy's backyard. Everything on line was fun, detailed and so colorful! A tip I'd like to share if your waiting in line mid day I would recommend bringing a fan. The line is pretty much outside in the sun and Slinky's line can be anywhere from one to two hours wait!

We were lucky enough to sit in the front row for our first experience! The ride was so much fun, it really felt as if you were an actual Slinky the imagineers who worked on this totally nailed the feeling! The whole ride I had the biggest smile on my face. Andy did a great job putting together the track for Slinky, it felt as if you were a car on a hot wheels track! The soundtrack for the ride was so special as well, I loved hearing my favorite toys talk throughout the ride as you zipped by them on slinky! As the ride came to an end I couldn't think of a better ending than to see Wheezy brining it on home with his musical number of 'You got a Friend in Me' !

Fun fact: Did you know Slinky Dog Dash seats 75 people every ride! With 3-4 Slinky's running at all times it keeps the line moving fast and steady so Slinky can see all his guests!

Alien Swirling Saucers

Once we got off, we set off to Alien Swirling Saucers. This ride only had a five minute wait at the time! I guess everyone had the same idea as us and wanted to make sure Slinky was done and out of the way! The details in this ride made me so happy because Buzz Lightyear is my entire life! If I could pick up that giant Buzz Lightyear and put him on my front lawn I would! He is my absolute favorite and I loved seeing him stand tall outside of the ride. I wasn’t expecting much from this ride but I really enjoyed it! I was totally caught off guard and was flung around by the saucers it was awesome! The music was fun and futuristic and the voice overs of the little green aliens were too cute. This is a perfect family ride for the little ones who aren't quite tall enough yet for Slinky Dog Dash.

Woody's Lunch Box

After getting the rides done in Toy Story Land we sat for breakfast! I had to try out the food at Woody's Lunch Box. I decided to get the Breakfast Bowl which had eggs gravy and tater tots inside. It was delicious and this spot easily became one of my favorites. The line however was super long and it did take us a while to get our food. I don't think they were ready for the crowds they ran out of food quickly unfortunately. Once again they didn't disappoint when they created this eating area, it was fun sitting on some Babybel cheese seats and ordering from inside of Andy'd actual lunchbox.

If you can sit and spend some time in Andy's Backyard (Toy Story Land) take a minute to soak in all of the fun details it has to offer. I wish I had more time to sit and enjoy it rather than rushing to get everything done. I am grateful to experience all it had to offer though, With a full crowd I'm glad my Disney navigating skills helped me get it all done without having to wait hours! I wanted to throw in that Toy Story Mania is another attraction we went on while visiting Toy Story Land, but many have you who have visited Hollywood Studios probably remembers the ride well. It just got a new face and entrance for the park!

Thank you Walt Disney Imagineers for making something so special and bringing one of my favorite movies to life! I cant wait to see what they have in store for Star Wars Land next!

Thanks for reading along, I hoped you enjoyed! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Till next time friends! To infinity and beyond!

Nicole Ashley

Some photos were taken by @heinsphoto

Please check out her page to see her work!


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