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Valentine Day Gift Ideas under $25!

Valentines Day is right around the corner! Its always a nice feeling to spread love and joy. Today I am sharing with you some gifts you can give without breaking the bank!

All of these ideas wont cost you more than $25!

First up, I have the forever classic valentines day gift of a plush stuffed animal. Who could not say yes to Minnie and Mickey with these cute 'be mine' and 'I love you' plushes?!? You can grab these two at the disney store. They only cost $22.99.

Next up is my personal favorite and that is this 'Our Adventure Book' photo album. It made to look just like Carl and Ellie's from the movie Up. I found this on amazon prime and it only cost 19.99. I think it would be so cute if you filled the book up with pictures of you and that special someone or even if you leave it blank for future adventures! It comes with 6 page of DIY stickers, 3 color watercolor pens, 6 page of self-adhesive photo corners, 6 postcards, 2 roll of washi tape, 1 lace scissors, and 1 delicate gift box. How awesome is that!!!!

So thomas if your reading this, you know what yo do :)

Okay so maybe I said the photo album is my favorite gift but this hands down is my favorite idea! Next on my list I have the Lady and the Tramp DVD. For this I thought theres nothing better to a persons heart is through their stomach, so why not cook them a home cooked Italian meal and cuddle up on the couch watching your favorite Disney movie. Lady in the Tramp came to mind but pick a movie that means something special to you! This DVD is $22.95, most Disney DVDs rang around this price!

You can never go wrong with a cute coupled shirt! These are from the Shop Disney website. They are so cute for your next Disney trip! Most of them are prince and princess themed and there are so many options! I personally love the meg and hercules one. These shirts are only 24.95!

These I'll be you Mickey/ Minnie pins are so adorable! They are only $5.00 on the Shop Disney website! I LOVE the way they packaged these pins, they are set up like love postcards! You can write your name and a little message, I really like this idea. This is one pin I wouldn't trade!

Hope you guys love all of these ideas! If you choose to go with one of these gifts I'd love to hear more about it! See ya real soon pixies!

Love & Pixie Dust

Nicole Ashley

Youtube: Nicole Ashley



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