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  • Nicole Ashley

Oh My Disney - Swimwear Collection

Today I have a close up look at the Oh My Disney Swimwear Collection from the Disney Store and Shop Disney!

This new line features an assortment of adult swimwear and outdoor accessories with themes from The Lion King, Aladdin and Mickey Mouse. This collection is a dream for any 90's baby who grew up loving these movies!

The Oh My Disney swimwear and accessories are definitely going to hurt you wallet this summer because there are so many fun things that you will NEED for your next beach or pool day!

Lets take a closer look at all they have to offer!

The Mickey Mouse collection

Some items that I love in this collection are the towel, bathing suit, sipper ... oh who am I kidding its all so adorable! I need this all for my first pool day.

This sipper has been seen in the parks, but now you can just order it online which is awesome! One less thing to take home in your luggage!

The Lion King Collection

Im loving that men have all these options as well, Good Job Oh My Disney!! These swim trunks are sure to take you back to your golden days and flood you with the best memories!

The Aladdin Collection

I have never needed anything more in my life than this magic carpet pool float and towel! Disney you are killing me!!!

What are you planning on getting from the Oh My Disney Swimwear collection? I'm not sure what my first order will be but I know it wont be my last.

Click the here to shop the collection! ​

Talk to you soon pixies!

Nicole Ashley

Youtube: Nicole Ashley

All photos provided by Disney.


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