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Treat Yo Self To Something Wickedly Delicious

If you made it here then I'm sure you have read all there is to know about Villains After Hours from my previous blog! If you have not and are looking for more information about the event then you'll want to check it out! You can read that blog post here.

Now we are onto something bigger and better, the delicious treats! One of the main reasons I keep coming back to Disney and I'm sure many of you can agree and its for the snacks!

The Disney Villains After Hours Event is chock full of wickedly delicious treats that are sure to have you wanting more. If you want to see all of the specialty treats that are exclusive to this event then lets begin!

De Vil's Treat

Location: Casey's Corner, Main Street U.S.A

Cost: $4.99

This treat is inspired by Cruella DeVil. It is a brownie topped with black and white icing. This treat was made to look like Cruella's hair.

Hades Temptation

Location: Tortuga Taver, Adventureland

Cost: $5:99

This is a Non Alcoholic, Purple Cosmo frozen mocktail in a plastic martini glass served with a gummy worm. This drink I highly recommend, when I was talking to the chef who helped design this drink she told me the inspiration was straight from Hercules. Do you remember the scene where hades whips up the martini and sucks on the worm?! Well thats where the inspiration was from, Disney chefs even went was far to only pick out green gummy worms for the drink!

Hades Nachos

Location: Tortuga Taver, Adventureland

Cost: $5.49

These are made with black bean nacho chips with “fiery” buffalo chicken and nacho cheese. These are also making a return appearance. This treat was introduced last fall.

Dr. Facilier's Tarot Card Tart

Location: Sleepy Hallow, Liberty Square

Cost: $6.99

Sit down at Facilier's table and enjoy this treat. The cards will be sure to tell you you'll enjoy this treat. This is a chocolate

tart shell, peanut butter filling and dark chocolate ganache with tarot card chocolate piece.

A Drink from the Other Side

Location: Sleepy Hallow, Liberty Square

Cost: $4.99

This drink is a non-alcoholic Hurricane garnished with a cheery and an orange slice!

Headless Horseman Browkie

Location:Liberty Square Popcorn Cart, Liberty Square

Cost: $5.75

This treat is a half cookie, half brownie topped with a Headless Horseman chocolate piece.

Dragons's Breath Float

Location: Storybook Treats, Fantasyland

Cots: $6.49

This Maleficent Inspired treat is a lemon soft serve, cherry syrup and Sprite mix. Topped with dragons eyes which are green cherries and isomalt sugar. The chef also told me that this one was one of her favorites to design!

Maleficent Cone

Location: Storybook Treats, Fantasyland

Cots: $5.99

This treat made a return appearance for the villains night! Its a lime soft-serve topped with chocolate horns and purple sprinkles served in a black waffle cone.

Yzma's Lama Potion

Location: Cool Ship, Tomorrowland

Cost: $6.99

"A lama?!? He's supposed to be dead!" is all I can hear when I see this drink. Disney chefs really did a greta jobs with creating movie like drinks for this event. This is a "transformative: strawberry chilled concoction covered by an evil cloud. It is dry-ice infused so you get that freshly brewed potion feeling!

Evil Emperor Zurg's Noodles

Location: Cool Ship, Tomorrowland

Cost: $5.99

The chef at the media event said this one was her baby and everyone should try it! It is a chilled noodle salad with snap peas, red onion, and sweet garlic chili sauce. The noodles were similar to the Shiriki Noodles served at Skipper Canteen. The theming is so fun with the purple noodles and green coloring from the snap peas. This dish is very spicy, flavorful and delicious.

Not So Poison Apple Cupcake

Location: Main Street Bakery, Main Street U.S.A

Cost: $6.99

Here's another treat that is to die for and has made a return since fall. This is a spiced “apple” cupcake with pecan crunch and buttercream. This thing is HUGE. Big enough for three to share, and there’s enough icing on top to make anyone happy. The cake itself is moist and has a great layer of pecan crunch between the cake and icing.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the treats offered at Villains After hours. Please make sure to watch my Villains After Hours Highlight Video as well as read my blog with all the information about the event!

You can buy your tickets to Villains After Hours HERE!

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Villains After Hours Highlight Video HERE!

Thanks for following along pixies!

Faith & Trust,

Nicole Ashely

All Images courtesy of Disney.

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