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Disney Style Summer Series -Little Mermaid Beach Look

Sometimes all you need is some vitamin Sea!

For August, I created a Disney Style Summer Series. The series will consist of short style videos showcasing some of my favorite Disney Inspired looks.

I decided to kick off the series with a the queen of the sea herself Ariel! Ariel has been a style icon since 1989 with her purple sea shell top, green tail and iconic red hair. Although Ariel wished to be where the people are she has made millions wish they could be where the mermaids are.

Keep on reading to see where I got all my pieces for my Little Mermaid Inspired look came from so you can create your own!

Lets start with the Outfit!

This Little Mermaid Bikini is from Amazon Fashion.

The top is purple and made to look like Ariels sea shell top. If your not a fan of strapless bikini tops your in luck, this bikini comes with an attachable strap! I decided to go strapless to really nail that Ariel look, but if I was having a long beach day and swimming in the ocean I would definitely use the strap!

The bottom is high waisted, it comes right up to your belly button. It is a shiny/ metallic material with a fish scale design all around.

You can also get it in three different colors, more perfect bounds if you would like to create some of Ariel's sisters!

The wrap is also from Amazon. I found this wrap and I felt it gave this look and extra element. I love that this wrap is just a large piece of sheer fabric so you can style it in so many ways. I decided to make it a bit shorter and tie it higher on my waist. I also love how the rest of the cover hans off the side and creates this tail/ fin looking effect.

Ariel needs her buddy to go on adventures and I found two ways to make sure I had him with me. Which brings me into accessories. The first accessory I choose was an apple watch cover from The Castle Charm. This is a really fun piece that brings excitement to your wrist. Flounder will be with you for every move you make!

Another way to keep your little buddy with you is this beach pouch! This Flounder beach pouch is from the Oh My Disney Swim collection. It is one of two pieces, it also comes with a clear pouch that has Sebastian on it. Both perfect beach bags!

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this Little Mermaid beach inspired look. I hope you continue to tune in to check out my Summer Disney Style Series!

Click the link to watch this look in action on my IGTV!

If you have an Ariel beach bound look I would love to see.

Tag me on Instagram, I can't wait to repost them!

Stay Magical!


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