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  • Nicole Ashely

Disney Style Summer Series - Shipwreck Ariel Look

We made it to week two of my Disney Style Summer Series yay! You guys voted on my Instagram story what look you wanted me to do next and shipwreck Ariel won by a landslide. I was actually super excited for this look to win because I knew it would be a challenge for me. I will let you guys be the judge on how I did!

Shipwreck Ariel is honestly one of my favorite looks from the entire movie. I love that this princess made a dress from the sails of a ship, can we say genius?! Lets also take a moment and appreciate the hair flip and body language as she rocked it.....get your man girl.

So for this look I wanted something that would flow and hopefully ruffle up when I tie it. I found this two piece set in Macys by Rachel Roy and as soon as I saw it it screamed beach to me. I was determined to find a way to use it for my look.

Ariel was quick on her feet and used the rope to really pull her look together, so I paired this two piece with a rope belt I found on amazon! The rope belt did just what I needed it to, when I tied it around my waist it ruffled the bottom of the crop top which gave an illusion of a one piece. The rope belt was under $10.

Finally, for my hair I decided to do a fishtail braid! I'm sure you guys know how hot the summer can be and at the beach I prefer my hair to be in a braid and out of my face. The fish tail braid really tied the whole look together for me and its a nice nod to Ariels fins!

I added the starfish clips to tie in the ocean! The clips are from amazon. They were on $6 which is a total steal!

Here is a tutorial so you can learn how to do your own fishtail braid.

There you have it my shipwreck Ariel beach look!! I hope you enjoyed the second blog / video of my style series. Please check out my Instagram/ IGTV to see this look in action. I would also love to know what look you're hoping to see next.

Hope you explorers continue to have a magical summer and please keep following along on my socials!

Faith,Trust & Pixie Dust

Nicole Ashley

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