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3 Tips to Make The Most of Your Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Boo To You!!!!

Hello Spooky Friends! Fall is upon us in the Magic Kingdom and its time to get spooky with Mickey and his pals at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

There is so much to do and see at Mickeys Not-So-Scary, So I am here to give you my personal favorite tips and tricks to conquering this party like a pro!

This blog is meant to help you with tips and tricks, I will not be going into detail about the shows themselves but if you want to learn more then you should check out my Not-So-Scary Informational Blog!

Lets start with the basics Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party runs from August 16th- November 1st tickets rang from $85 - $115 depending on the night you go! This year they are offering a package where you can go to unlimited halloween parties for $300, but if you are an out of state visitor like me you will probably only get one Halloween Party in during your vacation. So let's make the most of it!

Tip 1: Enter Early

With your Not-So-Scary ticket you can enter the park as early as 4PM. The party begins officially at 7PM, that means you have 3 hours to just enjoy Magic Kingdom. Take pictures while the sun is still out and take in the halloween ambiance of the Magic Kingdom. I highly recommend grabbing dinner around 5 or 6 so you don't have to worry about stopping during the party. If meeting the really cool rare characters is on your list of things to do, then you need to find the line for your favorite character. By hopping on that line before the party starts you'll be able to see your favorite character when the party starts and save time for more!

(I like to hop online for Jack Sparrow or The Seven Dwarfs)

Tip 2: From 7:00- 10:00PM


This I consider my free time, So pick and choose whats most important to you! If thats rides, meeting characters, trick or treat trails do what you came to do! You can also get some cool Photopass magic shots.

Some rides that get some awesome spooky overlays are Pirates of the Caribbean, Spinning Tea Cups and Space Mountain!

A few exclusive characters I would try and meet are Tarzan and Jane, Seven Dwarfs,Jack and Sally and Jack Sparrow!

I suggest getting some of these things done in this time frame so you can spend the rest of your night enjoying the parade, show and fireworks!

Tip 3: Planned Fun

Now I always save the best for last which is why I do these three back to back! Here is my go to schedule for parade fireworks and shows at the Halloween Party, this works for me every time!

10:15- Spooktacular Fireworks

**Times may vary from month to month**

So heres what I do. First I grab a good spot for the fireworks around 10PM, depending on the crowds you might nee to go a little bit earlier. The new fireworks are SPOOTACULAR!

The Not So Spooky Spooktacular is SO fun, the castle projections a fresh and vibrant the soundtrack gets you dancing and I enjoyed following the story line of Mickey and his pals in the haunted house! I also loved seeing Jack Skellington and Zero make their appearances on stage.

I like to grab a spot for the fireworks by the castle because after I get that perfect spot I'm not leaving for the rest of the night.

I will also use that spot for the parade. After the fireworks you will have some time to sit and relax which you will need after running around like a crazy person. Take turns with your family and friends to hold down the spot and go get snacks or use the restroom while you wait for the parade to make its way down! There are SOOO many delicious treats this year check out my MNSSHP Foodie Guide to help you through some tough choices!

When the parade is over turn around and get ready for the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular! You want a front row seat fro this one because these ladies do not disappoint! With fun musical numbers and spell binding castle projections you'll be amazed.

Note: If you are doing a party on a rainy night I would NOT wait last minute to do the fireworks, parade and Hocus Pocus Show because you risk them being cancelled! So make sure you are watching your weather app. If rain is in the forecast I highly suggest seeing the parade and show first! You don't want to miss them!

These three tips I LIVE by. They make my party experiences fun and help me get the most out of my time! The halloween parties I have been going to for over six years now and so much has changed, but these tricks have always stayed the same.

So go treat yourself to your next Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I hope these tips help you make the most of your night. I cannot wait to hear about your experiences at Not-So-Scary. If you have more questions about the party I'd be happy to answer them!

As always click any colored words for direct links!

Happy Exploring!

-Nicole Ashley

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