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Hello Humans!

I wanted to share 5 ways to bring the Disney parks into your home. These tips have been a real treat since the parks are closed and I will definitely keep them up even when the parks open back up! I hope you guys enjoy them.

Had to start with my favorite! Anytime I'm at home and looking for some background music while I work I always turn on the Disney Resort TV music. This one is so simple if you have a smart TV you can open the YouTube app and search" Disney Resort TV" This will give you a variety of options of the channels that are available on the TV's in the WDW resorts. If you dont have a smart TV no worries plug your computer up using an HDMI cable and your all set to go. The music will bring you right back to your happy place!

Click here for the 202o Resort Tv Loop.

Other notable sounds to look up which will bring you home is Main Street USA Loop Music or any of the lands loop music I am a huge fan of listening to the Tomorrowland loop sounds!

2. Disney Smells

Disney is known for its notorious smells throughout the resorts and parks. Did you know that some companies actually managed to bottle up some of those smells?! The one company that I highly recommend is Magic Candle Company This company makes Candles, Wax Melts, Essential Oils and now HandSanitizer in some of your favorite Park, Resort and Ride Smells. Check them out here.

3. Disney Parks Food

Each Disney trip I always look forward to trying the latest Disney eats. Disney Dishes some of the best treats throughout the parks and resorts. During quarantine Disney has been kind enough to share those recipes on their social media. I have tried quite a few and I have been more than impressed with how much the recipe holds true to the parks quality. Some of my favorites that they have released are Mickey Shaped Beignets,The Grey Stuff , Woodys LunchBox Grilled Cheese and so much more! Click here to see all the recipes they offer.

More Fun recipes can be found on my TikTok:

Click here to watch me make Disney Rice Crispy Treats or Click here to watch me make Galaxy's Edge Blue Milk!!

4. Disney Entertainment

So we covered the sounds, smells, food how about some entertainment?

I love watching the castle shows, fireworks even going on some virtual rides.

Thanks to many awesome videographers you can do this all on Youtube. Below you will find a few of my favorite shows and streams but I highly encourage you to look up your favorites!

5. Learn From an Animator

Since we're spending a lot of time at home, you have some time to pick up a new hobby..maybe drawing? I love the Art of Animation classes that Disney put out on YouTube. During these classes a Disney Animator will teach you step by step on how to draw your favorite characters! There are so many options to choose from. I have been learning up to 3 new characters a week I absolutely love it! To find these classes just go to youtube and type in "Disney Parks - How to Draw Series" A ton of options will pop up!

I hope you guys enjoyed part one of How To Disney At Home be on the lookout for part two! If you have any tips you'd like to share I would love tot hear them. Write me on any of my social media channels and I'll respond!

Thank you for following along and remember to continue to keep that Disney magic alive!

Nicole Ashley


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