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National Pizza Party Day

Its National Pizza Party Day and today I am serving you some delicious pizza recipes with some help with my good friends over at pizza planet. Not to mention it's also a great way to also celebrate Toy Story's 25th anniversary!!

First up is the Rocket Ship Pizza!

Here is everything you'll need and the step by step directions to creates yours!


Alien Veggie "Meatball" Pizza

If your a Veggie Lover then the claw chooses this pizza for you. Follow these step by step directions to these alien cuties!

Okay the claw doesn't know which one to go after they all look so good !

If you are interested in throwing your own at home Pizza Party with Pizza Planet here are some links to my favorite products that can make all this possible!

Pizza Planet Tee From BoxLunch Gifts.

Is it a Pizza Planet Party if you dont dress the part?


This Pizza Planet Igloo Cooler to keep your drinks cool!


Cant serve pizza without an official Pizza Planet Acacia Paddle!


Finally, you of course need this Pizza Planet compact pizza maker. Bakes up to a 12'' frozen pizza or an 11'' hand-tossed pizza with rising crust, and can be used for quesadillas and more!


I hope you serve up some delicious pizza! Can't wait to see your out of these world creations!

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Nicole Ashley

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