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New Fastpass+ Tier System at DHS

Put that hunk of junk into light speed and jet over to Hollywood Studios! With the New Fastpass+ Tier system in Hollywood Studios you'll now have an opportunity to make the most of your day.

If you didn't know Hollywood Studios recently revised their Fastpass + Tier system. Hollywood Studios is broken into two tiers allowing you to book 3 Fastpasses to fit as much fun as you can into a day at the park.

Before this the Fastpass+ tier system was ALL messed up. Making it really hard to enjoy all of your favorite rides at DHS. Thankfully with the opening of the Fastpass + queue at Smugglers Run, the tiers have been revamped. Heres how it looks now.


Let me just back track before I get into the details and my tips for Fastpass+ with some general information:

You can book Fastpasses for your trip if your staying at a Disney Hotel 60 Days prior to check in. If you have purchased an annual pass you can book Fastpasses 30 Days out. Disney allows you to book 3 Fastpasses for a day in one park to start with. After your Fastpasses are used you may add another and switch to a different park if you plan on hopping.

OKAY, so now onto Hollywood Studios and the Fastpass Situation. This new Tier setup is WAYYYY better than what Disney originally had. They had almost all of your favorite rides in one tier and it was a nightmare to get rides done if you had a packed out vacation.


1. Booking: Let's start with the obvious, Book all of your Fastpasses back to back to back. For example if you book Slinky Dog Dash from 11:10-12:10 it would be ideal for your next set of Fastpasses to be from 12:30 -1:30 and so on. This is because once all three are done you can make a new one maximizing the Fastpass+ offers. Also your favorite rides tend to give out Fastpasses quickly so the quicker you can book your 4th the better.

2. My selections for the tier systems:

From Tier One: I would choose Slinky Dog Dash over Smugglers run and heres why. Slinky Dog Dash ALWAYS has a pretty long line not to mention the majority of the line is located right under the hot florida sun. So that means no rain cover or sun cover. Smugglers Run has an amazing line queue. It is interactive and to be quite honest completely unbelievable, you are immediately transported out of this world when waiting for this ride. Smugglers run also offers a Single Rider line. Which is helpful and I haven't seen this line longer than a 20 minute wait.

From Tier Two: Personally I love Tower of Terror over any ride selection in this section. However, If I was with my family and having to choose our next Fastpass it would probably be Toy Story Mania. This ride is something the whole family can go on. It also keeps a solid 45 minute to an hour wait most of the day. So this wouldn't be a bad choice for a family selection. However, if your like me and wanting thrill I would go with Tower of Terror. This ride is classic and gives you the adult thrills you need from a Disney Park. Some may ask why not Rockin Roller Coaster or Fantasmic!. Well, Rockin Roller Coaster has a single rider line which is very helpful and Fantasmic! is a show which if you plan your day out and arrive a little early to the show you can still score an amazing seat. To be honest there is not a bad seat in all of the stadium for Fantasmic! OR you can guarantee your seat by booking a Fantasmic! Dinner package which guarantees front and center viewing for the show without using a Fastpass. Last thing is Booking Fantasmic! goes against my first rule which is keeping the Fastpasses close in time. If you book this your pretty much done for the day.

My second selection from Tier 2: If Rockin, Tower are gone, I would go with Star Tours. Almost every other selection from tier 2 is a show which is pretty easy to guarantee a seat as long as you show up on time!

3.Getting on Rise of The Resistance: This is like a bonus Fastpass+. Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups do not count toward one of your Fastpass+ selections. To obtain a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance you HAVE to be at park opening. You MUST MUST be on your phone after you scan in and log onto My Disney Experience to enter for a boarding group. I have full details on this on a IG Post. Click Here

4. Final Tip: Fastpass+ always change their availability. Constantly stay and refresh the app. Even when it says an unavailable. Click on the name of the ride and keep refreshing. You'll be surprised what pops up! Keep in mind if your searching for one Fastpass rather than 4 at a time you might have better luck finding a spot on the rides you want.

I hope this blog helped you plan out your next trip to Hollywood Studios! By using these tips you are sure to make the most of your day at DHS. I would love to hear any other tips you might have, I could have certainly missed something or you may have a different way of planning your day and I'd love to hear it!

Happy Exploring!

Nicole Ashley

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