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The Cutest Couple Tees

Box Lunch Gifts has the cutest couple tees and I think they are perfect for Valentines Day or a special day in the park with your loved one.

What I love about these shirts are they are not like your average couple shirts. By now I'm sure you have seen the " I'll be your Minnie, I'll be your Mickey" shirts all over the parks or the "She's Mine" "He's Mine" tees. While theses t-shirts were super cute, they are definitely a little dated. I think you will love these shirts that Box Lunch put out. Not only are they displaying some of your favorite characters but they are couple shirts that aren't too in your face.

What I love about all these looks is they are great for couple outings, but they also stand on their own. You could wear one of these shirts out without needing your other half. The designs are fun and playful and bring out the personalities fo your favorite characters.

Check them out!


First Up Max & Roxanne Couple Tee. I cannot get enough of these characters. I truly feel A Goofy Movie is one of the most underrated movies in Disney history. Max and Roxanne are an iconic couple and deserve to be on more Disney merch!

Next Up Han & Princess Leia "I Love You, I Know".This tee we have definitely seen once or twice before. However, I am loving the new imagined look with this comic book feel illustration.

Wall-E and Eva Shirts. Theres not much I can say about these shirts, they are super cute and I love how they stand on their own. The Eva Shirt is one of my favorites of all the couple shirts. Not to mention the fact that they make a heart when next to each other!

Finally, Lady & Tramp Spaghetti Sweater. This is my favorite combination of the shirts they offered. The spaghetti scene is such an iconic moment to capture the love within that moment is precious. I love everything about the shirts.

Which pair is your favorite? I'd love to hear what you think.

All shirts can be found on !

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