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Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in NYC

Let me tell you 90 has never looked so good! I want to start off by saying Happy Birthday (Month) to the mouse himself Mickey Mouse!!! Knowing that Mickey was going to turn 90 this year was so exciting! In my heart I knew that Disney would give him the proper praise this icon deserves. I never thought it would turn into what it has become. From clothing lines, sweet treats to a massive art exhibition, Mickey and the people who love him are celebrating his birthday in style!

When I heard about the Mickey True Original Exhibition, I was ecstatic! Here in New York we don't get to see Mickey too often unless were heading to the Disney store, which you know can become expensive for mouse obsessed people like me. This exhibition was going to combine two of my favorite things in the world, Mickey and art. I knew that I had to go and see it opening weekend but I never expected to be asked to take part in an early press preview! I was honored to take part in the celebration and join early in the fun. Never in a million years would I have thought that my simple Instagram page for the love of Disney would let me experience amazing things.

So today I would like to take the time to share my experiences in the Mickey True Original Exhibition with you all!!

The Mickey True Original Exhibition is a massive 16,000 square foot art exhibition that celebrates Mickeys influence on art and pop culture. Here, multiple artist are proudly presenting Mickey Mouse and his 90 year journey through life.

From Mickey’s beginning in Steamboat Willie to the technicolor world of over 100 cartoon shorts, guest get to step into a world of Mickey Mouse reimagined. With Larger than life multi-media art installations, tons of photo op areas and even some sweet treats, each visitor will be able to connect and become flooded with memories from their very own childhood.

As I waited in the waiting room I was greeted by smiling cast members who handed me my own pair of ears and a pin that are special to the exhibit! They also informed us that we would be getting the ears embroidered at the end. This really set the tone... there is nothing like that cast member smile that makes you just feel happy inside and ears... I still stand by my saying " no outfit is complete without mouse ears!".

From the moment I walked through the doors the exhibit I had a huge smile on my face. So much so that Jeff Shelly who is a artist for the Walt Disney World Company walked over and needed to know what I was thinking. I couldn't put into words all of the emotions I was feeling. After we got to chatting he was telling me that he did the artwork for the first two rooms and he designed everything you see on the outside of the Exhibit. I almost didn't know how to react, this man was living my dream and I needed to know everything about his life! He was so kind and thoughtful, it made the exhibit that much more special.

During this exhibit there is a total of 12 rooms.. 14 if you include the gift shop and the lounge. Each room you were submerged in Mickey's history and story. You got to see how this iconic character transformed since 1928. My favorite rooms of the exhibition were "Hello Mickey, " Its Black and White" and "The Collection". Of course as I just typed this I kept thinking "oh but I loved that room too.." But if I could, I would spend all day in the three listed above.

The other rooms include:

  • The Welcome Room

  • Cosmic Cavern

  • Sorcerer's Way

  • Burst Into Color

  • Ink & Paint

  • Iconic Design

  • Original Muse

  • Mickey Mouse Club

  • Mickeys Game Show Live

Again, each of these rooms had some Iconic artwork from TONS of artist that were all inspired and wanted to show homage to Mickey's Journey. If you check out my YouTube Video you can get a sneak peak of all of the rooms!

Another highlight from the Exhibition takes place in the Mickey Mouse Club room. During the exhibition you can get a sweet treat courtesy of Ample Hills Creamery. They have two fantastic flavors for you to choose from and you can relax in The Mickey Mouse Club and enjoy your ice cream. The two flavors offered were Confetti Celebration and The Triple Chocolate Surprise. Each were delicious and I was lucky enough to sample both! They each tasted like a creamy birthday cake, they had chunks of gram cracker and cookies inside to give it some texture! Also the fun Mickey Mouse Club themed room was straight out of the 50's complete with the Mouseketeers outfits, a decked out bar and even a juke box for your favorite Mickey tunes!

Earlier I stated that I had the pleasure of talking to Jeff Shelly (An amazing Walt Disney Animator) and he was so kind and was so excited to see what people had thought of the exhibition. At the end I ran into him again and once more got to talking as he worked on a drawing of a birthday cake with a big 90! I stopped to jokingly to ask him "if he ever stopped making magic" he glanced up and asked me to wait a minute and started sketching Mickey Mouse just for me ! I had no words I was speechless I wanted to give him the biggest hug, it was literally the coolest thing that ever happened to me. Again I can not thank him enough so Jeff if you read this now that were Instagram friends, THANK YOU! That final experience really made my entire day, week, month and maybe year!

The gift shop has a ton of Mickey 90 merch for you to choose from. They have special items that are exclusive to the exhibition as well.The gift shop is open to the public as well and you don't have to have a ticket to go inside. Each week the Mickey True Original gift shop will be dropping collector pins that are exclusive to the exhibition so if your a pin collector you wont want to miss these! Inside the gift shop they also have the embroidery station for the ears and places to iron on special patches to purchased clothing or hats!

So if you are in New York City from November 8th - February 10th 2019 I would highly recommend going to see this exhibition! Its fun and engaging and you and your friends or family will be sure to make some golden memories here.

Tickets are $38 and you can but them online. You need to purchase them in advance and book a time slot for you to go!

I hope you enjoyed my overview of my experience of Mickey The True Original Exhibition. I really hope you guys can go but if your not able to go stay tuned for a more detailed blog of each room!

Video Editing on YouTube were done by James Medina check him out on

Photos were taken by Ellie McIntyer you can check out more of her work on Instagram @MyNamesEllie

Thanks for following along, until next time friends.

Love & Pixie Dust

Nicole Ashley

Youtube: Nicole Ashley


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